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Do You Need A Heated Driveway?

If you’re tired of shoveling snow, then the idea of a heated driveway may be appealing. With a heated driveway, snow and ice never have a chance to accumulate, because the surface of the driveway will stay too warm. As a result, you won’t have to shovel and you can both walk on your driveway and move cars in and out without any risk. Is a heated driveway right for you? Here is what you need to know.

Heated Driveways 101
Heated driveways have a system of tubing under the surface. They can be operated automatically or by manual control. Once activated, hot water will run through the tubing, and the heat from the water will radiate up to the surface, melting any ice or snow that is already there and preventing new accumulation from occurring. The water from the melted ice and snow is funneled to drains so that it runs away from the driveway.

Installation and Operation Costs
The cost of installation depends on many different factors, including whether you are retrofitting your existing driveway or adding a system to a new driveway, and what kind of system you choose. Generally, manual control systems, which have to be switched off and on by you whenever winter weather threatens, are less expensive than automated systems, but automated systems may provide better results. The cost of operating heated driveway systems depends on the amount of snow and ice you get in a given season but is usually much less than paying for snow removal services.

Heated Driveway Candidates
Not all kinds of driveway materials are compatible with heating. Concrete and asphalt driveways are best suited to heating. Asphalt driveways, in particular, can be easily retrofitted with heating systems without compromising the appearance of the driveway.

Experience the benefits of a heated driveway for yourself with the help of Asphalt Plus Sealcoating. The team has been servicing the Prescott, WI, area for over 20 years and can assist with all of your asphalt paving and repair needs. To contact Asphalt Plus Sealcoating, call (651) 246-9010.

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