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How To Increase Your Property's Curb Appeal

First impressions are important. Whether you are selling your home or business or just want to improve the curb appeal to make your property more welcoming, enhancing your home or businesses’ exterior and front yard adds value to your property. Homes that are attractively landscaped and well-maintained yards with high curb appeal can command higher prices and sell much quicker. But, which improvements will pump up your property’s curb appeal the most? Here are six projects that will help your property put its best face forward.

Wash Your Building's Face

Before you commit to scraping off paint or planting more posies, clean the exterior surface of your home to remove any dirt, mildew or grunge. According to REALTORS®, simply washing your home could add from $10,000 to $15,000 to the sale price of your home. Fill a bucket with soapy water and use a long-handled, soft-bristled brush to scrub away dust and dirt that has settled onto your siding. Renting a power washer can make the task easier, and will come in handy for revealing the true color of your flagstone walkways, too. Wash the windows inside and out, and don’t forget to clean your garage door.

Touch Up the Paint Job

Real estate pros and appraisers cite having a good exterior paint job as one of the most common curb appeal enhancements a homeowner can perform. Rather than selecting a new color, for the best results stick with the paint you already have. Scrape off a bit of paint and have your local paint store match it. You may not need to repaint the entire home, just specific areas that are cracked or peeling.

Give Your Driveway a Facelift

Nothing is less appealing to potential home buyers than a cracked, buckled or cracked driveway, or shabby-looking uneven walkways. If your driveway has seen better days, have it replaced or repaired. Have your paving sealcoated to prevent cracking and fading, and make sure all your walkways are safe and level. Precision laid walkways, a newly paved driveway, or a newly striped asphalt parking lot can add a lot of visual appeal to your property.

Repair the Roof

One of the first things a buyer and appraiser will notice about your property is the condition of your roof. If your home sports faded, curled or missing shingles, it adds nothing to the look or value of your home, and brings up questions about the condition of your roof. While it may not be the cheapest upgrade, it will pay off when the appraiser comes around. If your roof is in good shape, but needs a good cleaning, hire a professional roof-cleaner to ditch the dirt, moss, and lichen from your shingles.

Manicure the Yard

A lush green lawn, carefully pruned shrubs, and fresh mulch will boost the curb appeal of any home or business. Trim overgrown bushes, plant colorful annuals, and add a decorative edging to flower beds. Pull weeds, get rid of crab grass, and remove any invasive vines.

Add a Splash of Color

Adding color adds a big visual punch to your yard that would-be buyers find attractive. Add a flowerbed around your mailbox, and paint your mailbox in a complementary color. Be daring and paint your front door a bright red or periwinkle blue. Place a colorful Adirondack chair of bench on the front porch. Add brass house numbers or an architectural address plaque for extra bling.

While most of these steps can be taken on your own, you might want to consider calling in a professional to repair your driveway. If this is a step that you need to take, contact Asphalt Plus today!

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