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Are Your Crops Ready for Cold Weather?

Fall is the perfect time for growing many popular veggies, including a huge array of leafy greens and many root vegetables. However, it’s also important to spend fall preparing your crops for the cold winter weather to come. Are you ready for freezing temperatures and winter weather? Protect your plants and ensure a bountiful harvest in the spring with this advice.

Group Vulnerable Plants Together

If you have plants that will need protection to survive the winter, keeping them close together will make it easier to cover them when necessary. If they are currently scattered, make use of milder temperatures to move them so that they are closer to each other. Doing this before the weather gets cold ensures that they have time to get established in their new location before they are at risk from freezing temperatures. An established root system will help to keep plants healthy during more difficult conditions.

Install a Cover

The easiest way to protect plants from cold weather is to install a tunnel or glass frame over rows of plants. The cover will over some protection against the elements, including blustery winds that can destroy seedlings. Make sure the cover you select can withstand the weight of snow or ice without collapsing on your plants. When a particularly cold snap is predicted, you can use heavy blankets or tarps on top of the cover for additional protection from the chill.

Remove Dead Vegetation

Dead vegetation can draw in pests and triggers disease that can survive the cold temperatures. If you don’t remove the vegetation, you could trap your healthy plants in these contaminants under your cover for the duration of the winter, ruining the entire crop. Make sure you’ve thoroughly cleaned your plots before covering them for winter.

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