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The Best Methods of Preserving Feed for your Cattle

If you want your cattle to be strong and healthy, proper preservation of feed is very important. Proper preservation reduces the risk of contamination, which can lead to disease and sickness among your cattle. Proper preservation also ensures you don’t lose any of your feed, which would equate to money loss. There are many things you can do to preserve your feed, which vary depending on the type of feed you’re using and climate in which you live. Following are some ways you can preserve your feed.

The traditional way to protect feed is to preserve it during storage using chemicals such as formic acid. This method has been used for many years and is effective. These chemicals typically have anti-oxidative and antibacterial properties to protect the feed.

You can also use bacterial inoculants, such as propionic acid and sodium benzoate to treat the silo and protect the feed. You can treat the layer of feed that comes in contact with the air to reduce oxidation. Another way to reduce oxidation is to cover the layer of feed that would normally come into contact with the air. There are many coverage options, but plastic is a common and simple method.

A different option is just to let mold grow on the top layer of feed while it is being stored. Once it is ready to be removed from storage, the top layer can be removed and the feed underneath will be ready for cattle to eat. While this will result in some loss of feed, it is a lower maintenance option.

While you can preserve feed using additives, the storage method is also extremely important in limiting feed loss. Ensure the storage container you are using is appropriate for the type of feed you are using and for the climate in which you live. When storing feed, you can mix the feed with wheat straw, grass hay, and alfalfa before placing it in a silo, bunker, or other appropriate storage container. Another simple way to preserve feed is to limit the amount of time feed is stored.

A responsible cattle farmer will ensure the feed is appropriate and healthy for the cattle. No matter what preservation method you choose, preserving your feed will help to optimize your cattle. For all of your feed and farming needs, visit Stockman's Farm Supply!

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