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The Right Time to Plant Your Spring Crops

All farmers and hobby farmers are beholden to the seasons. It’s essential to check the schedule of planting dates for your particular agricultural zone. Wisconsin farmers have a shorter growing season than most, as they are in zones three through five.

Frost Dates

Always double-check the frost dates for your zone before planting. If you live in zones three or four, the first frost date is September15thand the last is May15th. Zone five residents can expect the first frost by October15thand the last by April15th.

Current Weather

Of course, the first and last frost dates for any given agricultural zone differ from year to year. Over the years, farmers learn to trust their instincts regarding the weather. Keep track of the overnight low temperatures as you near the spring planting season to decide if it’s safe to plant a little earlier. When farming in Wisconsin, every day of the growing season matters.

Vegetable Crops

In zones four and five, plan on a 90-day growing season. Zone three residents might only have a 60-day growing season during some years. It might be tempting to try to grow those exciting heirloom tomatoes or that exotic melon from Afghanistan, but you’ll do better if you stick to tried-and-true crops for your zone.

Some great greens to try are spinach, lettuce, and orach. You should plan for successive sowings to have a steady supply of salad greens throughout the summer. You can also plant radishes as soon as the snow melts. Replant every couple of weeks until July.

Give Asian greens a try, too, like bok choy. Kale is another hardy, cold-weather vegetable, and you can easily extend its growing season with cold frames.

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